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We are....
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...divine energy in action....
With power coming from within all of us awakening our knowledge of divinity, we are able to transform systems and build synergy that is allowing us to be more collectively than we are individually.

About Gateway University

In this time of the Great Awakening and rapid change, we are training leaders who are able to disengage from fear and anger, and engage with connection and compassion. As we connect in compassion, our genius is activated to call forth the wisdom, programs, information, and experience needed to carry humanity into a future vision of peace. This vision includes justice, economic, social and educational systems within a healthy planet where we can all thrive.

With power coming from within all of us, awakening our knowledge of divinity, we are able to transform systems allowing us to be more than we are individually.

We are divine energy in action, called to awaken the rest of the world. We have the wisdom. We are the masters. We are the conduits of Spirit.

Who are we?
We provide community connection for our soul family. We are a community of like-minded souls, coming together in union. Communing in the Presence of Higher Consciousness to heal, expand, and grow. This is a safe place to practice BEing who we are without fear.
We offer wisdom teachings that re-unite the soul and eternal Self with the personality and life. These wisdom teachings help us develop soft or inner skills that link the inner and outer worlds. Through the development of our inner senses, abilities, and blessings, we are able to have deeper insight into world events, connect more intimately with our Selves and others, and to bring forward the gifts of wisdom innate within each of us.
Gateway fosters an environment where members and friends can share, teach, transmit wisdom living within their consciousness.
Empowering Students

Gateway Community and University creates a safe place to learn, develop skills, and to practice those skills with others. As a degree-granting university, we are empowered to recognize the genius in each student. Through real-world projects, studies, and experiences that transform, the student receives her personal mantle of authority for her life purpose and soul calling.

Our unique and individual degree programs acknowledge the leadership and excellence of our students while opening the universal field of potential to empower and manifest divine visions in the world of form.

We are a School for the Study of
Higher Consciousness

We have evolved beyond simply studying consciousness to become a powerhouse for experience, development, empowerment, and infusion of higher consciousness embodied in lived experience.

We provide the environment for creativity, collaboration, cooperation between members, organizations, and students to solve problems together.

We recognize the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Our curriculum is in alignment and support of these SDG's.

As one of the first universities in the nation to offer studies in higher consciousness, Gateway University® is a global leader. Far ahead of other educational institutions, Gateway University® from its inception has offered student-centered and soul-centered education.

Gateway University® is a pioneer in New Wisdom Age, with mystery school depth and academic substance. The unique offering of Gateway University® is its many paths to God and higher consciousness. Each student has the direct experience of her soul. Soul-centered education is not an abstract concept in Gateway University®. It is a lived experience.

Gateway University® is directed by Gateway Community®.


  • Spiritual Psychology Degree
  • Transpersonal Education Degree
  • Energy Psychology
  • Mystical Arts Degree
  • Esoteric Sciences Degree
  • Consciousness Studies Degree
  • Consciousness & Human Potential Degree
  • Conscious Entreprenuership
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Angelology
  • Advanced Spiritual Studies Degree
  • Ministerial Ordination

Learning Pathways
Combined degree programs, Prior Learning Credit for previous life's work, Accelerated programs for outstanding leaders, and the ability to include courses outside the Gateway ecosphere makes your study plan flexible and personalized just for your needs.

Our Specialty
We feature soul-centered and student-centered education with integrated curriculum from Eastern and Western, spiritual and psychological, ancient and modern approaches.

Our Vision
Our vision is to empower the student’s participatory divinity and planetary service through personally designed academic programs.

Our Motto
Planetary transformation depends upon personal transformation.

Our Logo
The God Eye is a universal symbol of the gateway to Divine Consciousness.


Founded in 1983, we are a national leader with degrees in higher consciousness. Gateway University is directed by the Gateway Community, an interfaith church embracing the highest spiritual vision of the individual and all religions of the world.


Academic credit for related prior-learning and life/work experience, up to 50% of student’s program.
Student-centered, personally designed programs.
Unparalleled consciousness curriculum with spiritual depth and academic substance.

Mentored distance learning.
7 course designs.
Accelerated learning for outstanding leaders.
Flexible scheduling.
Independent research and mentored learning.
Grounded, practical, balanced, integrated approach.
Our Founder
Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno

 Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno was the founder and President of Gateway University and the Gateway Community. With forty years of experience as a global teacher, educator, and counselor in the consciousness and mystical arts, Dr. Reno held a Ph. D. in Psychology and was a licensed interfaith minister.

Rev. Dr. Reno wrote sixteen books in the field of advanced spirituality. In 1981, she invented spiritual cartography, mapping complex realms of consciousness. As an educator, she opened gateways in higher consciousness with user-friendly maps, methods, models, and mentoring.

Our friend Judith "graduated" from earth life in 2015. Her presence is felt.

Our President

Kimberly is President of Gateway University, the founder of TheAngelMinistry.com, and bestselling author of a dozen books.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is a beautiful spirit who lifts up the souls who come to her, deepening their hearts to know the Divine Creator within. As a gifted mystic, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have benefitted from her gentle guidance into personal experience with angels and Divine Love that heals everything. As one student said, “When Kimberly opens her mouth, lives change.”

A pioneer in the fields of Angelology and Spiritual Transformation, Dr. Marooney is the first person in the world to be ordained an an intra-spiritual minister, earn a Master’s degree in Angelology, and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Because of this trifecta of excellence, many of the best-know angel experts, including Doreen Virtue, have learned from Kimberly and used her bestselling Angel Blessings Cards before they published their own.

Board of Directors
Vice President Rev. Jana Marie Toutolmin

Jana Marie, a Catalyst for Clarity, is an author, speaker, minister, and teacher. For 38 years, she passionately mentored thousands of students through major decision-making in their personal
and professional lives in Higher Education. Her next step was studying at Gateway University and in 2016 was ordained as an inter-faith Angel Minister. She currently serves as the Seraphim
Mentor for all students in the ministry program.

She has created the unique and revolutionary Crystal Clear Technique, integrating science, technology and spirituality. With her extraordinary gifts and wisdom in the fields of
Epigenetics, Human Behavior and Divine Guidance, she is on a mission to guide you to align with your Highest Frequency Within. Her  deepest desire is for you to obtain total clarity and become more Influential, Impactful and Inspiring. She will lead you to live every day in the High Frequency of an extraordinary life.

Treasurer Sherri Thiringer-Richards

I spent 30 years in the corporate world working in finance, marketing, operations, distribution, purchasing, information technology, and product planning. During my time in the corporate world, I had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, hundreds of successful and some not so successful entrepreneurs.  While working for one of the top companies In the world, I was able to learn how to create and sustain a solid business foundation in a rapidly changing economy.  Along the way I saw many small companies struggle with the "business of their business".  They just didn’t know what they didn’t know.  I always wanted to help.

I also work with women and their personal finances.  I am not a financial advisor or an investor; what I do precedes that.  Known to many as the Money Therapist, I use an innovative, creative, (sometimes radical) approach to finances and daily money management. I have helped many women transform their lives using proven, innovative and FUN step-by-step money management strategies.  

Secretary Rev. Eva McGinnis

Eva has had a varied career in higher education, counseling and working in non-profit organizations from which she has happily retired. She is the co-founder of Oakbridge University (1989) and has been facilitating the Jeshua: The Personal Christ book series since 2015, including recording inspired meditations.  An honorary ordained Angel Minister through Gateway, she also serves as Prayer Chaplain and is a frequent speaker at Unity in the Olympics Church. She is a published poet and spreads her jeweled love through the Bead-Love-It business, which she creates with her husband of 50 years. On her spiritual journey, Eva is devoted to be a bringer of Light and Love, wherever she finds herself.

Rev. Declan Kavanagh

"After surviving a Near Death experience, I met my Guides and my Guardian Angel. This set me off on my travels to know more of this beautiful world and our magnificent bodies. Through working with food, energy and spirit, I was led to the Americas, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Himalayas, and a lot of places in-between.

"I am now in a place of surrender opening up to the new energies of the 21 st century where I encourage the growth of Love and the energies of Peace. By being a beacon of light and working with the breath, I help people open up to there higher conscious.

"I became a Minister with Gateway in 2018 and my mission is to awaken people to their power and to become a co-creator with Spirit." -- Declan

What our Graduates Say 
Graduation 2018
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Celebrating Brilliance
As a small, private university, we have the pleasure of creating personalized graduation ceremonies to signal the completion of massive accomplishment. Earning a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree deserves recognition and celebration. Join us! With students in North America, Europe, and Asia, we pioneered video celebration.
"I want to leave this world a better place because I was here."
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Gateway University exists to empower our students with the wisdom and skills needed to create a sustainable and peaceful world. We teach self-transcendence, experiencing Oneness in unique service to humanity's evolution. We are the birthplace of the leaders who will save our world.

Gateway University®
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